Sunday, November 8, 2015

Looking Back on a Decade of Sobriety

Yesterday I celebrated 10 years of sobriety. Wow. What a gift recovery has been for countless others, and for me! As I look back on a decade of sobriety, I reflect on one action the most: love.

One of my favorite sober, spiritual mentors once said,
"We either act and react from a place of love, or fear."
How profound is this truth, right? I know it opened up a whole new way of living for myself and time-warped me back to being a child again when I was fearless in my pursuit of loving others, life and an all-loving God. A time before I used the bottle as a solution of escape.

To act and react from a place of love, rather from a place of fear. This is what truly matters to me on this wild journey of recovery. On this shared, magical journey of love, really.

Recovery is LOVE. It took many people to help me out of my rock-bottom state and spiritually love me onto the more structured path of recovery. If I had video footage, you'd probably laugh at how many defiant times I twisted in my mind that people were hurting me...when they were just honestly and greatly loving me. I had actually become fearful of love over the years. Ohh the journey!

I am grateful for all the love you give to the world, to God, and to yourself as well. The giving of that love helps those who are still struggling and feeling all alone today. Thank you for being a contribution. Your love matters.

Can't Keep A Sober Girl Down

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beauty In Nature

Wishing you all a blessed day from Lake Superior! May your day shine brightly.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Unite To Face Addiction Rally In D.C.!

At the Unite to Face Addiction rally in Washington D.C.! Sheryl Crow's soundcheck. It's a great day for RECOVERY!!