Tuesday, April 29, 2014

KORN News Radio, SD

Hey Clayton Mick! Thank you for having me on the show this morning in recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month. My hope is that the segment may have helped atleast one of your listeners.

Thanks again. You ROCK!

Helping People & Being A Contribution

Monday, April 21, 2014

Experience With Inventory & Sharing

Someone just asked me what the point of taking my complete inventory of myself and sharing it with another human being and God was. I responded with, “So I’m resentment-free with peace of mind and closer to my creator. Secrets are gross! Also so I don’t ever have to look for relief in a bottle or drug.”

The word resentment means to re-feel and, essentially, to re-play the pain. What I personally see on a daily basis is resentment keeps everybody not well. This has been proven millions of times over and over again in all recovery programs and churches around the world.

I understand that sharing with another person, and God frees, us. I also have faith that doing so clears paths in minds to hear and feel God's wisdom, power and love. Where there was once anger, pain, hurt and bitterness (from resentment at ourselves, others or even God), there is now a clearing.

How about for you? I'd love to hear your experience with inventory and sharing! Please click on profile to email me directly. Also, if I may share your response...please let me know that as well.

Thanks beautiful ladies and handsome gents!

God Changed My Heart & Mind

Friday, April 4, 2014

Refreshed Magazine!

Today, like most days, I am in awe and wonderment. Your sober blogger made it onto a front cover! God dreams bigger dreams than I do, that is for sure.

If you would like to read my personal story as featured, please click here: http://twincitiesrefreshed.com/digital-editions/
If you happen to be in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, you can pick up a copy at any of these locations.

I thank all of YOU for inspiring me to share. Keep on moving, paying it and playing it forward!